Friday 18 February 2011

Stranger in a Strange Land

Sometimes, you have a need to expand your horizons a bit, you know, get out of your "safe zone" for a while. This is valid for anything: Food, clothing, etc. But where i find most difficulties is in music. I struggle to listen to something new and like it right away, and i have to think 2 or 3 times if i want to download it and keep it. But the great thing about having a music blog is have people send you stuff that i wouldn't normally listen to. Case in point is the following artist, called L.A. Calling: Real name David Corral, this L.A. born artist has created one the most peculiar and interesting i've ever seen. He describes himself as having a "multi-genre appeal" and here's why:

skip to 2:09 if you don't want to watch the incredibly cheesy beginning.

As you will be able to notice, the band that plays in this video seems like they should be a part of a heavy-metal band. And that's the whole point. David wants to blend metal stylings with electronic music, which at first glance looks odd, but it'll make more sense when you listen to the music.

The following stuff is all exclusive to ilictronix.

The first song is the one you hear in the video, called "Pussycat". This one sorta defines the artist's sound. It is a darker version of the Human League, in my opinion, less cheesy and less happy. However, i do believe that if this track was made in the 80's, it would've been a big hit.

Next one is "Krush". Here the rock/metal influences are more present, with the guitar making a constant marque on the song. But despite that, it still sounds very 80's, very synthy and all that.

Coming up is "Spin Head". I really like vocal work on this one, David is a very good singer indeed and this one has great vocals.

L.A. Calling - Spin Head

Finally, we have "Only Human Now", a slightly calmer song that doesn't really have much to be said that already hasn't been said.

L.A. Calling - Only Human Now

In case you want to know more, visit his website or Myspace. I also hope you comment, because i really think this guy can go far with this stuff, all he needs is some exposure.


Lights and music,


Anonymous said...

I've been following L.A. Calling for a couple of months now. You guys need to play in Baltimore!

+ + + + + + + said...

Leaves me wanting more...
The sound is unique & refreshing-
It's like dancey with a hard edge.
L.A. Calling knows how to turn it out.

Anonymous said...

L.A. Calling is a beacon of hope for the music scene. I can see this type of music easily being played at the next Electric Daisy event or at Coachella. Truly a new force in electronic rock.

FlashLight said...


RJP said...

LA Calling's sound is the kind of music I look for when I need something that won't bring me down. It should be a part of every dance club's playlist. It sounds familiar yet new.

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Cracking post, I hope more you guys play some more shows!