Tuesday 22 February 2011

Let The Children Techno

Hi everyone.

I finally found time to give LTCT a decent listen, not as good as I expected but it has got some very good tracks.

1. Mr Oizo – Let The Children Techno

Sadly, the first track is a big disappointment, Oizo did way better... But it's "just" the intro.

2. Busy P – Procrastinator

I never expect much from Busy P. Not incredible, but decent despite the lack of progression and repetitive lyrics.

3. Duke Dumont - Hipgnosis

I N S A N E .

4. Siriusmo - Idiot

Impressive track from Siriusmo, as usual I might say.

5. Para One & Tacteel - Infinity Riser (Remix Of Bernard Fevre’s Dali)

Para One AND Tacteel ? I was really excited to listen to that one. It's by far one of the best tracks on the compilation.

6. Breakbot - Shades Of Black

Alright, you'll fall in love after 5 seconds. Breakbot, you groovy funky genius.

7. SebastiAn – Enio

The worst track I've ever heard from SebastiAn, very bad. That song is so weak, I checked twice to see if it was really his. Sounds like Justice trying to do a song for a bad movie where nothing happens. Let's hope his album (hahahahahahaha.) will be better.

8. Mattie Safer – Is That Your Girl ? (Ft Telli From Ninjasonik)

No idea who the hell that is, but... N O.

9. Gesaffelstein – The Voice

Decent track, a bit too boring sadly, but I can understand what people would like in it. Simply not my type of music I guess.

10. Cassius - Shark Simple (L-VIS 1990 & The Neon Dreams remix)

L-Vis 1990 strikes back, amazing remix, gotta love those loud drums. Song of the month, at least.

11. Djedjotronic – The Invisible Landscape Different from Djedjotronic's usual style, but not bad at all.

12. Discodeine – Grace

Another average track.

13. Feadz – Far From Home (Ft Claude Violante)

Very catchy, I wasn't expecting that from Feadz, especially after The T.U.F.F. EP, that's not really the Feadz I like, but it's not bad at all.

14. Brodinski & Tony Senghore – Anagogue

I got bored after 3 mins (the track's 7:36 mins long) of bip bip bip, distorted sounds and weird voices.

15. Bobmo - Control

Craaaazy tune. That's not a constructive comment ? Yeah but still.

16. Zombie Nation – Relax

The 90's are over, but not in Zombie Nation's studio I guess. Like Brodinski's track, that's just not my type of music I guess.

17. Riton - One Night Stand

Riton's killing it one more time. Those drums are definitely gonna make your ears smile.

18. Skream - Boat Party

I wasn't sure about Skream, not that dubstep's being overplayed at the moment but... you get it, I was worrying about the WUBWUBWUBWUBs. Great news, Skream still knows how to produce music without that shitty noise. Lovely tune, epic synths, I don't need anything more.

19. DJ Mehdi - TragicoMehdi

DJ Mehdi at his best. There's something that reminds me of Fatboy Slim in the way he uses the vocals. I don't know if I can say that Mehdi's trying to go bit beat, but if he is, he's gifted. OH and, the trumpet... !

20. Flying Lotus – Caravan Of Delight
One word : booooooring.

That's it for that bitter sweet compilation, it was worth the wait, but disappointing on some levels.

I couldn't not post about Mondkopf, because I just love the guy and he released an amazing remix. So dark, so good... I might have the chance to see him again in March, if any of you see him playing next to your town, go for it, he is incredible.

Mashed Paper Klub - Troy (Mondkopf Remix) (Track no longer available)

Enjoy ! -Here


Anonymous said...

Mattie Safer is the old bass player from The Rapture! Easy one of the best tracks on the compilation

Anonymous said...

I thought the FlyLo tune was very nice (as all his tunes are), maybe just inappropriate for a compilation with the word techno in it.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with your valuation of the tracks - at all - but it's a pretty nice compilation anyway.

Boba Fettuccini said...

I disagree... Enio is great.

Adam said...

Did you think enio was worse than thenrody? I am torn with seb right now. His initial work was awesome. His tracks now are just lazy and short. I mean look at total... 2 minutes of amateur work...I keep waiting for ed banger to put out some more groundbreaking albums, it seems like for a while they were the mainstream WARP, or trying to be at least.

Anonymous said...

you are so wrong about let the children techno. 'IS that Your Girl' is a good track. it's a good compilation, come on its ed banger.

LRNT said...

@ the 4 anons : Music is a matter of taste, I just write what I think, I'm not saying my tastes are better or that a song is "bad" I'm just saying that I don't like it, and why. It's a good thing that you guys have an other point of view, that's what make music interesting.

About Enio, yeah I really think that this one is BAD for sebastiAn, I mean come on, the guy made some of the best tracks ever, and now this 2mins track with no progression ? The 2 mins of listenable music in Threnody were much better IMO.

Oh and about Is That Your Girl, I tried to listen to it a few more times, to see what you guys saw in that tune, I just can't find it. I may just not be in the mood for that kind of music right now, idk.

Anyway, I'm happy that you guys told me how you feel about my post. :)

Anonymous said...

Is that your girl? I think she like me. She my girl now. Tell me what's her name.

This compilation is some good shit for jumping. Boing!

Rubin Bigby said...

So right about Breakbot. That song was groovy funky genius and then some. Keep up the good work

FERRENL said...

I totally agree with the article. Feadz and Para One + Tacteel are great and some others are good. The intro is not the usual good Mr Oizo and the Busy P stuff is fucking cheasy.

Anonymous said...

I neither agree with your statement of the compilation album, nor do I believe that you have any musical taste what so ever. Some tracks, and I say 'SOME' were practically lacking what the album needed, when listened too individually. When listening to the whole track, it would seem the entire track is a mish mash of random noises and great beats. And for the comment about 'Caravan of Delight'...Totally un-called for. It was the 'topper' of the album, to finish it off so-to-speak, a Electronic modern take on Jazz is one that you don't often hear of anymore, so you should be grateful that people still care about a dieing genre, instead beating the shit out of it