Wednesday 25 May 2011


Hi there.

Few days ago I found this video on reddit, at first I believed it was simply a random video using retro visuals.

But it actually was the newest video of Goldfish, two guys from South Africa, their style is between regular Electronica, Nu Jazz and Downtempo, using a lot of sax, trumpets, oldschool drums and of course, piano. The thing that I enjoy the most, is that they also include a bit of "traditional african music" (I'm no expert, but that's the way I feel on a track like Big Band Wolf).

It might sound a bit similar to Parov Stelar or Basement Jaxx (their old songs, like Supersonic, Do Your Thing, Romeo) sometimes, and oh well, I think I can live with that.

Beside being the geekiest music video of the year -the number of games you can see in the video is simply crazy- the edit of We Come Together they did is amazing, loved it after a few seconds.

The original version, from the album Get busy Living, was a bit too calm for me.

Here is the extended mix !

These two tracks are also from Get Busy Living.

And these ones are from the album Perceptions of Pacha.



Barroll Roll said...

Thank you for posting about this group. It has been awhile since I found a group with such a unique, original sound. Not to mention this is one of the better music videos I have seen recently


You blog is eye-catching. I get pleasure from it. I found a group with such a unique, original sound. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece of writing with me.

wall art said...

Great find! Thanks for sharing!