Wednesday 11 May 2011

Dangerously good

Hi guys.

Quick post, it's already pretty late...

Just got Yuksek's EP and those songs (in addition to On A Train and On A Train (The Magician Remix)) are simply amazing.

I have the feeling of listening to Surkin + Kavinsky, the whole thing fused with Yuksek's touch, best song on the EP.

This remix is pretty different from the the dub remix that leaked on the internet a while ago, the vocals are not the same at all, and I have to say, I prefer this version.

The other tracks I haven't posted yet (You can find The Magician's remix here) are pretty good aswell, especially the ALB cover, a must have in my opinion !

running late


Anonymous said...

Great work... missed you guys for a bit.

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What a great post, thanks a lot and glad you're back!