Sunday 22 May 2011


Hi there

This is a post I've been wanting to do for a long time.

Pyramid's a talented french producer that I follow since his firsts steps, known as Twisted Body.

Beside being the head writer of my favorite blog, called You Are Here (The similarity between the blog's name and my nickname's a pure coincidence, and I like coincidences.), he produces tracks in his very own way, between what you could consider movie soundtrack music and electronica.

You can feel both musical and cinematographic influences in his work. For example, Danger in 7 Suns (Auto remix).

Pyramid - 7 Suns (Auto Remix)

Or, obviously, Inception's OST by Hans Zimmer here.

Pyramid - Inception

7 Suns is one of the 5 tracks on his latest EP : The Hall

Here is a short selection of my favorites tracks, but be sure to check his soundcloud, he's got tricks up his sleeves.

His most recent track is The Race.

A calmer track, love the universe he created in this one.

And two great remixes.



Vince said...

Woah, brilliant songs!

But I'm wondering, what is the connection between electro artists and pyramids or triangles?

canvas print said...

What a great post, these tracks are great.