Friday 10 June 2011

Nite's Sizzlin' Summer Track Picks 11'

Hello guys and gals,It's been a while. A long time to be precise, and my have I been busy with getting accepted in college, finding and getting a job (Courtesy Clerk for Kroger FTW!), and graduating from High School, which felt really good to be honest. Well now I am back! For how long that is, I cannot say, but I shall post for as long as I can, even into college, when I have time. But let's get on with the tracks I have in store for you :)

First up is a new and sexy track from a good friend of mine, Evil Stereo (I'm sure you remember him from Power Glove Records. If not, look him up). Going under the alias, Silver Age Scientist (for just this once, I believe) he cooks up a high-velocity electro track with kickin drums, major synth leads, and some samples you may or may not recognize (*cough* zelda *cough*). I found this insanely fun and would be a powerful track to play in DJ set's. Definitely a must-listen for summer tunes.

Next up is a track from Sandy Rivera (AKA Kings of Tomorrow) and Yasmeen. The track, aptly named Love, gives off a nice electronic vibe with sexy vocals and a piano playing in the background,making it even more grandiose. This track will make you believe in love.

Next up is a rather interesting track from Todd Terry. Dubbed I am your DJ, it gives off a unique electro-house feel with sensual vocals and vibes. It truly just shows the versatility that one of the founding house artists can bring to the table.

And speaking of founding fathers of house...

And now,a Nuyorican Soul mix of Afro Celt Sound System: A group who blends West African vibes with Celtic music and Electronica. With the Nuyorican Soul mix, it brings out more power into it, giving it a tribal-esque feel to it. You shall love it.

And because I'm done with government enforced's a wonderful mix of Alice Cooper's School's Out by TEAM BANZAI.

And finally, a soulful house track from Osunlade


Champiness said...

New Evil Stereo? Excellent! I've been waiting a while for new stuff by him!

Boba Fettuccini said...

Believe me guys, he's been holding out on us. He's got some great stuff he's shown me over the last year :)

Champiness said...

Aww... :(
All I really want is for him to come back to TDC. It feels so cold and empty without him.

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