Wednesday 29 June 2011

Promos of the Week

Right, time for a new feature.

Every day, we get a healthy stack of promo emails. Quite a lot of them are shit, but a few of them sneak pass the crap-o-meter and I think some of these should get more recognition, so every week, i'll post my 3 or 4 favourite promos.

I should warn you though, that I don't get all of the promos that are sent. Prez forwards me a batch of them every day or two, so the ones I post, are the ones i get on my inbox.

Anyway, onto the tracks.

The first one is by a group called Laser Sex. Bit of an odd name. They're from Scranton, Pennsylvania and this is their first single "Dr. Thunder Nose".

It is a nice, flowing track with a deep feeling to it. It's a bit hard to describe, but the highlight is the guitar. Shame about the ending vocal samples though, they don't make much sense here.

This next one is by CROPS, a Melbourne based british artist, who also gives us his first single, "Ana".

With fantastic vocals, this is a smooth and relaxing track, with a great use of synths and with a beat that just gives it that extra bit of force.


Finally, we have something a bit funkier, by Claude Perdu, who we featured not long ago.

This is a remix for Faisal's "Journey" that entered a competition but sadly didn't win.

It has a fantastic bassline and the sample work follows right behind it. I can't figure out how this remix didn't win, this is what all House music should be like.


Surf's up,


Spungfungler said...

You should check out "Forgot About Dre" from Dr. Dre's "2001" album.

Also, a shame the music goes away when you click the "Post a comment" link! :)

Champiness said...

That Claude Perdu remix is incredible, really reminds me of classic house music around MAW-era. In a strange turn of events though I can't find the original to compare it to so I don't know how much of that is Claude's work!