Thursday 5 January 2012

You better hold on to your heart, boy.

Dear Ilictronix readers, It is I, Colour. I sincerely apologise for my absence leading to a severe lack of posting on my behalf and I shall also take this moment, if I may, to apologise for a lack of posting in the near future. Rest assured I am still alive and have still been poking around the blog as well as my facebook. The reason for my departure is quite personal and shall not be discussed here, so why don’t I just shut the funk up and post some music. Please note I have included a few alternate versions. Why you ask? Because it’s what I do.

Recently I’ve been really getting into deep house (well, what I consider to be deep house anyway, if there are any Genre Nazi’s out there, feel free to hurl abuse at me in the comments) and it is about due time that I find the time and enthusiasm to post them for ya’ll to enjoy. Hopefully this will be somewhat of a reimbursement for my recent nonexistence.

For all those French house lovers out there, this track is probably one of my all time favourites. Released in 2002 on a vinyl 12”, ‘The Best Of Your Life’ is an upbeat track released as a collaboration between three French house producers; Fred Pellichero; JC Sindress; and Sandy Wilhelm. Shaï (not to be confused with the 90’s R&B group, Shai.) was sadly a one off collaboration with ‘The Best Of Your Life’ being the first and final track released by the trio, despite its mild success within the French house industry (and to a lesser extent, the international charts). However do not despair, as almost 10 years later I present it to you for your enjoyment. Although this track has floated around Youtube for a few years gathering little over 100,000 views, not to mention it being available to download from many illegal music sharing services, it has yet to be picked up and posted by a blog (well, at least not that I can find anyway) and its somewhat mysterious past has yet to be really documented anywhere (despite that on Shaï’s Discogs page). This track really is a diamond lost to the sands of time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Next up is a relatively recent track, well in comparison to a lot of the other tracks in this post anyway. Now I actually really like Martin Solveig, however at risk of being assaulted by a rogue loafer thrown at me by one of you underground indie hipsters who defies anything even close to being considered mainstream: I will admit that I haven’t heard a lot of his tracks, but some of what I have heard is pretty good. Take this track for example; funky, fresh, oozing beach house vibes, its everything that I love about summer.

Now, if you indie hipsters haven’t already broken your wayfarers In disgust of my last song, be prepared to cower in fear as I unleash my next track. Why yes, it’s Ian Carey. Oh yes, I know he’s a sell out. Yes, I know he’s turned into everything we hate about the music industry. But seriously, some of his old tracks are actually pretty great. Point in case: his remix of ‘Them and me and you’ by Gran Turismo. While this track isn’t exactly French or deep house, its still a laid back house track. Who says this guys only good for making annoying party tracks featuring Snoop Dog or some other overly auto-tuned bitch.

Right, now it’s about time for something a little more underground, and probably my pick out of the whole post. Simple. Elegant. Beautiful. Filthy. Is there really anything else you can ask for from a song? ‘Don’t you call me honey; you ain’t never taste this flavour’. This track combines the beautiful vocal stylings of one miss Scarlett Quinn with a bass line so filthy it’s not fit for public consumption. The result is a medley so amazing your ears might jizz a little when that deep grinding bass drops 30 seconds in. People who consider dubstep to be musical sex have clearly never heard this track. Oh, and did I mention that this track is absolutely filthy?

Well that’s all for me today, I do hope to see you around. Feel free to show some love and leave me a comment or two with your thoughts and random musings. Until next time, I bid thou farewell.

- Colour.


Anonymous said...

quality shit as usual, love this blog tremendously!

Colour said...

Glad you enjoyed it :D