Tuesday 31 January 2012

Drums And Bass The Third

Good afternoon blog, I just finished some work samples for my university application, so once again I feel the need to post. So I was looking to post some newer stuff from Commix, turns out their compilation's not due out for another month and it doesn't look like they're releasing any singles from it. Sad Face. BUT I've delved into my collection once again and have some other perfectly good Drum & Bass to replace it!

I don't often delve into 'dark' Drum & Bass, but when I do it's almost always Calyx. He just properly nails the sound, chucking sprawling beats down with the rattling of bass just behing it.The breakdowns in this tune are nothing short of amazing to boot, too bad the fadeout on this album version cuts the track short.

I tune I recently picked up after hearing it in a AFX set next, it's probably a little more on the Breaks side of things rather that Drum & Bass, but I just HAD to have it after the intro just straight up blew me away. Stay tuned for the second drop around the 2 minute mark, it's full of warbling bass akin to Calyx's stuff.

Moving into calmer territory now with this number from Ram Trilogy, it's a lot less in your face than the two tracks before, subscribing to the more old-school sound of Drum & Bass. The bass itself has more of a backseat role but rest assured it's still there, lurking in the background and ready to wobble your shelves.

Playing us off and out is one of my favourite producers of all time, Omni Trio's tracks range from deep to almost chilled. This is one of the latter, the swooping synths punctuated by stabs and pads from all directions is kept fresh from beginning to end seven minutes later. This one of my favourite Drum & Bass tunes ever, it's just well produced and well executed through & through.

That about does it for now, I'll try not to leave you hanging as long next time, which depending on when I can crank out the final bit of warped 2006 shouldn't be too long. :)

Breakin' Beats,
- Claude Van Foxbat

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Ovrnightr.com said...

This is great, thank you. I've been digging around the web for new DnB and this proved invaluable... =)