Monday 17 December 2012

Fly Lo For The Winter

So the last day of post is coming up in the UK in 3 days. Not ideal when you're jonesing for new tunes like me, so I decided to turn to my partner in crime the Internet. I've been digging more of FlyLos stuff recently, picking up where I left off after Los Angeles, and thanks to the wonders of digital distribution I have some tunes to share with you lot today.

The first is from an old pre-1983 demo floating around the tubes of the web, a lot of Flo's crunchy stuff from that era is on here in spades, but the one track that stood out to me the most is a surprisingly downtempo slice fittingly titled Slow It Down. I loves me some smooth instrumentals, and it's not often we get something this slow coming out of camp FlyLo.

I spotted this bootleg on YouTube forever ago, but only just got around to picking it up the Shhh! white label from the lotus has some tasty bits on it, kicking it all off with this twisted rework of Mr. Oizo's Stunt. It's pretty special anyway, but those light n' airy synths around 2:08 just sold me completely, even if they don't hang around long.

Flying Lotus sometimes dips into dub styled territory, see Massage Situation for example, and this track is no different. There's two versions of this on the bootleg, the other is an instrumental, I chose this one because honestly it feels a bit shallow without the sampled vocal track on it from Madvillain's Shadows Of Tomorrow

And finally some officially released joints from the set of EPs released just after Los Angeles. The first (Complexly titled L.A EP 1X3) is made up of what I can only assume are cuts that didn't make the album, which is a real shame because even though it's just shy of two minutes long, Rickshaw is a killer track.

The next track My Chippy sound just like all of FlyLo's styles up until that point mashed together, the crunchy unfinished vibe of 1983 is there, the rumbling bass of the Reset EP is lurking in there and of course the slightly disjointed sounds of Los Angeles top it all off nicely. It's a shame there isn't more variation, the track ends just as it's about to get interesting.

And thems the results of my latest hip hop bender, and what will probably be my last batch of new music for this year unfortunately thanks to the Royal Mail service. Just in case I don't post again before the end of December I'd like to wish you all Happy Holidays from all us here at Ilictronix, and thanks for sticking with us through the tough times!

-Claude Van Foxbat

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