Saturday 8 December 2012

Lights On

So I checked my Inbox I don't check too much, and alongside the usual array of Chinese Spam and emails addressed to a guy called Blaine (which isn't my name) was this. I usually skip most promos because I used to get TONS of them and it wasn't worth sifting through them all to find some gold. But this guy had the right idea, it had the personal touch that is lacking from most of the promos I get, even going so far as to link me to pictures and MP3s to use in the post itself! Lights DC is an Irish producer who started off doing remixes but earlier this year stepped out in the the great wide world of production, stay tuned after the jump and give him a listen, cos he really deserves it.

It helped that the tunes were pretty swell too, once again givin' me Arcade High vibes. The opening tune. Calypso had me from the very moment I pressed play, as my sub became awash with 80s bass goodness, to quote the man himself " is a resigned and melancholic piece of 80's inspired synthpop, which was influenced by one of my favourite tracks ever - Alan Braxe & Fred Falke's "Rubicon".

The second, Halcyon Days is more of the same, and what initially set me off on the Arcade High comparison, the break about halfway through is synthesized brilliance. To quote the man once again; "Halcyon Days has a similar vibe, with a more Yellow Magic Orchestra/Sega Genesis games feel oddly enough, but there you go!", though I'm afraid the Genesis was a little bit before my time so I can't comment on that! Check it out just after the single cover below and don't forget to check out His SoundCloud for yourself for more sounds to dig.

Lights Out,
- Claude Van Foxbat


Radu said...

Fresh and clean these sounds. His soundcloud is even better. Didn't quite understood what he did in his mail to get you attention.

Rezzie said...

Really great stuff Lights DC! I so do love the retro vibe! Keep em coming!