Friday 7 December 2012

Mellowin' Out

Afternoon all, sorry about leaving you all hanging for so long but to be quite honest the last couple of weeks have been absolutely shite so I haven't been in the mood to post stuff. But I won't bore you with tales of train rides and locked bank cards and jump straight to tunes. Here's some stuff that's been helping me keep it together and also some art by me.

One of my favourite tunes to come out of my recent dive into the world of Vapourwave is this. It's got vibes of that Arcade High LP I posted about a while ago, anyways It came up one time while I was browsing my finished art folder and it just perfectly synced with that piece up there.

Way back when I dropped some Knxwledge on you, and I'm about to do it again. Guy does some sick beats, I wish they were longer like, but that's a minor gripe. I imagine it's the same deal as what I say about BoC; the tracks stay sweet cos they're so short.

And just cos that's only like a minute and a half long, I'll hook you up with another just to cover my bases. Same sorta deal here, a smushed up title, nice beats and some sample dealies dropped throughout. Class.

Laid off posting this in my little shout out to my bud The Deadbeat Demon's beat tape cos I thought I'd get around to putting it up for something else. And here we are, this guy knows how to make pretty much flawless hip hop tracks for my tastes definitely check him out.

Deadbeat Demon - The Dealio Sounds

Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a visit from the old Boards Of Canada would it? But I've posted most of their material already, so I thought I go for something a little bit rarer. This is a tune from their rare as rare can be Old Tunes Vol. 1 Tape, sometimes known as A Few Old Tunes. The BoC boys clearly had a knack for this music thing judging by the tape, and this is by far the best example on it.

Mind you, it is certainly before they nailed down what makes their sound, the stuff here is obviously less refined than their later works but these old tapes do have some gold on them. Take this one for example, it has all the hallmarks of old school Boards with the slight techno edge and all and I'd say is still one of their finest tracks.

Righto, that's my story and accompanying tunes, stuff should pick up in a week or so because it's end of semester at my university and I will be sure to be there to dish out a few tracks in time for the holidays!

A Real Traditionalist,
- Claude Van Foxbat

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TheGetDownnn said...

Always love reading your posts man. Your "A Very Warped.." series was brilliant, and this post/artwork mash up is top notch. As ashamed as I am to say this, i'd never heard "5-9-78" until this evening, and i'd considered myself a pretty diehard fan. Nonetheless thanks for the introduction! Keep up the great work.