Thursday 7 February 2013

51 Seconds Or More

An upcoming project at Uni has us creating a public art piece and proposing it to the city council for display. Now my idea revolves around little short video pieces projected up on a screen we have in the Square, I'm taking a lot of inspiration from cult classic [adult swim] bumps for these videos and for this I need some tunes right? I mean that was half the appeal of bumps anyway. So I'm trying to find a nice balance of short tunes to go with it.

Click for huge (1,600px × 1,200px)

First up is more from the Flying Lotus Demos, like Knxwledge, a lot of these demos are real short but just as sweet. At the minute I'm feeling like this charmingly titled number will fit in with some bump-esque stuff quite nicely. Might have to tweak it slightly in Audacity thanks to that abrupt end but that's easy done.

I'm planning a ton of these videos to go up, and hopefully shuffle through them to make for an interesting experience in the vein of Brian Eno's 77 Million Paintings installation. Naturally on my search for short tunes for short videos I came across the original mix of quintessential Mehdi tune Signatune. I'll be sure to make a tribute to the late great Lucky Boy in the videos for sure.

Staying in Ed Banger territory albeit before the label even existed, this 1999 Oizo tune is as brilliant as it is short. That scratching from Feadz (hence the title) is just brilliantly done, and it would work wonders in a bump-style environment.

I've only ever mentioned this tune in passing, but now is it's time to shine. This is by far the Rollers' most popular production thanks to Rockstar using it as the theme to GTA2. This beat just goes down real smooth and is pretty much perfect for bumping aside from that little intro bit.

This little ambient bit from the BoC boys gets used a lot on TV over here as subtle backing music, and while I think it might be too subtle in sound to be part of a public art installation in a crowded city like my own, it's on the list of potential tunes to be used anyways.

This little melodic interlude from Broadcast covers pretty much the same ground as the BoC tune, though it is a little bit stronger with the addition of that simple and catchy beat, much like the rest of the LP it's taken from: Tender Buttons.

Revisting our old pal Oizo again, this time it's for the intro he did for the Ed Rec Vol. 3 compilation, which should make a for a short and tasty loop for sure, if I cut the little shoutouts intro off first.

And after that brief venture into less than two minute tunes, I'm off. Hopefully this should help me remember when it comes to actually making the project, I've had horrible memory with stuff like this in the past. That and I can actually use this post as proof of development at the end of the project!

-Claude Van Foxbat

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