Monday 11 February 2013

Old And New

The easy going weeks I've had are coming to an end sadly, and with a big project looming on the horizon things ain't looking too good for the workload. But anyway, chin up because before any of that I'm laying down some more stuff I think you'll dig. As usual tracks after the art, which is by me this time.

Felix recently teased at a new album or something along those lines over on facebook, I'll be interested to see what direction he takes this time, cos even tough I really liked He Was King apart from one track, the press didn't care for it too much. Regardless, have the intro track from another fine LP of his, Virgo Blaktro & The Moviedisco

Along the same lines, one of my favourite techno ladies Miss Kittin has a new LP on the way, based on the All You Need EP she dropped a while back it's shaping up to be very sweet indeed, for now have a cut from her debut I Com that has a particularly relevant title this month.

Now you probably already know I'm jonesin' for that new The Knife record like nobody's business, but I've got more than enough material to keep me occupied until it drops later this year. Here's Karin's solo project Fever Ray giving us a stellar cover of Peter Gabriel's Mercy Street,featuring her now trademark pitch shifting voice trickery that I love.

Breaking the chain, Röyksopp have been keeping mum over any new material outside of a performance on NRK Lydverket earlier this year, including a very nice cover of Depeche Mode. Their third LP Junior remains one of my favourite albums to this day, here's a tune from it featuring Karin Dreijer of The Knife and Fever Ray.


- Claude Van Foxbat

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Faux Effet said...

Moviedisco is a very nice song, thanks