Wednesday 27 February 2013


Day Off, no more work to do, you know the score. It's time again to share some tunes that have been filling my airwaves today thanks to the miracle of shuffle. Let's get this started.

Omni Trio once again, one of my favourite producers of old school drum and bass. Breaking a trend with his stuff I've posted here though, cos this track doesn't have the trademark piano layered over the skittering breakbeats that OT is so well known for.

I always had kinda a love/hate thing going on with Plaid, fortunately with 2001's Double Figure a majority of the tracks are fine by me. I've not posted any tracks from it AND I missed it out of the Warped series cos I didn't get hold of it in time. To make up for that here's a slower cut from that LP.

Next is a tune that really should have been on the end of Two even though it came out two years before. Not that the reprise was a bad finish, but this tune balances itself really nicely, the usual Hacker techy sounds contrasted with that light choral break just sounds great. Oh, and The video's pretty sweet too so check that out if you get the chance.

And just because I've not put up any good old electro house in a long while, have a MSTRKRFT tune from way back when their second LP Fist Of God dropped. The intro for this one is straight up killer, that hook is very well done.

Hell, while I'm at it with the electro I might as well put this one in here too. It's Flashmob era Vitalic, what more do you want really? Killer intro hook on this one too, it just does not quit. One of the best Electro tunes in recent years for sure.

Right, back to SDP university business then. I'll try and keep it fairly consistent but no guarantees, in the meantime get your mileage out of these tunes and I'll see you in a bit!

Toos Day,
-Claude Van Foxbat


Faux Effet said...

That Plaid song captured me

Nick Cooke said...

Can't argue with a bit of Omni-Trio!