Sunday 31 March 2013

Art Of Noise

Been workin' away today on various projects, as well as taking in some new stuff from Warp I've picked up, as usual tracks will be down there, afte rthe suitably surreal art courstesy of Clark!

First up is a lovly tune from the new Clark LP Iradelphic. Now as I've said before I usually pick tunes based on their title when sampling, and when Warp put this up on their youtube channel it was my pick. I wasn't dissapointed, this track kicks off with a new style from Clark with some guitar business, but its not long before we hit familiar electronic workery, think The Campfire Headphase meets Body Riddle. I was enjoying it so far, but then he stole the show at around 1:20 in spectacular Clark fashion. I love the noises he makes so much, especially when the distortion is cranked up and it sounds like its about to burst out of your speakers and into the room around halfway through.

I'd skipped Squarepusher's Selection Sixteen for a long while, I can't even explain why I just did, despite even picked up his crazy experimental jazz record Music Is Rotted One Note without a second thought. It's a shame I did because I missed out on this little number right here that is a typically Squarepusher showcase in drum programming and various other bleeps and bobs.

Leila is a recent blip on my radar thanks to her rework of Aphex Twin's Vordhosbn for Warp20. The video for it is a treat with lot of strange polygonal happenings and actual video glitching in spots, which made it very fitting for my work. The tune itself opens with that wave of pure sine wave bass and just does not let up, with occasional breakbeats sliding in and out of the mix it's a real treat. Watch the video for full effect!

In The Time,
-Claude Van Foxbat

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Faux Effet said...

I really liked the clark song. Thanks