Sunday 17 March 2013

El Hombre Oro

Goldie has been a massive influence on me in recent times. From his tunes to his art and the philosophy behind it, he's got a little something for every interest of mine. Goldie's been in the music game since 1992, and while his style's changed to fit with the times a bit more, it still has that definite gold tinge to it. Take his new tune from recently released Best Of compilation The Alchemist: The Best of Goldie 1992-2012, it's got more liquid elements to it than say the cuts from Timeless I put up a while back, especially during that intro, and even a Fever Ray-Esque pitch shift duet type thing going on with some of the vocal lines but listen carefully and you may spot some familiar breaks in there.

Midas Touch,
- Claude Van Foxbat