Thursday 14 March 2013

New Knife

The curse of tech strikes again, this time its my power supply on my main PC, which means it doesn't like to come on all the time, so for the past few days I've been sat with it cracked open on my bedroom floor messing with wires and that. Good news is that it seems to be working for now, it came on fine yesterday! Anyways, here I am at uni preparing for a hand in this afternoon and I have a fair bit of time to kill. And since I'm on a mac at uni I can't really post much.

So instead have the new single from my favourite Swedish sibling duo The Knife from their upcoming LP Shaking The Habitual. Lucky for me they're expanding on the ground set by 2006's Silent Shout, with little hints of Karin's Fever Ray Project coming through every now and then. I've heard some peeps complain that its not like Deep Cuts on their FB page, but none of their albums until this point have sounded alike, and with Silent Shout being one of their more internationally popular ones and winning a boatload of awards it was bound to take that direction. Enjoy the single anyway, the album is out 8th of April internationally and the 9th in the states.

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Vertimas Olandu Lietuviu said...

Thats girls look like from other planet :) but nice... And also good song