Sunday 10 August 2014

Day 3: Still Alive

Hello again! I know it's been quiet on my front but that's because I've been doing normal 20 year old things like filing taxes and whatnot. Nah, just joshin ya, I've been living it up a little but now is time for music. Tacks after more art.

Atelier Olschinsky - Ghost Cities Remix (02)

Sitting at the tippy top of my music player every time I start it is this little number here. I've heard the first ten seconds like 1000 times before I set the shuffle off, but for once in a very long time I sat through it, and it's still as good as ever. The whole albums is chock full of that lovely clash between the lush synths and the broken beats.

And in a prime example of shuffle being absolutely aced we segue nicely into some Locust Toybox. Noon is by far and away my favourite album of his and shows off a good deal of his musical influences. This one here's a lot like The Flashbulb meets some chiptunes and most of Warp Record's output. By the way you can still get 99% of Locust Toybox's discography for free (and legally) over HERE.

Speaking of warp, I'll leave y'all now with probably my favourite example of the early-mid 90's bleepy ambient techno they were putting out under the {Artificial Intelligence} series. Autechre's entry is a far cry from their later work for sure, and while they might not care for it too much themselves these days, it's still top notch techno that's remarkably futuristic considering it's so old it can legally drink in the USA. I highly recommend you check it out.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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