Tuesday 12 August 2014

Not Long Now

Sorry for the slowing of updates, off back to uni soon and trying to get all my shit in order before then. anyways here's some more of the musical selections of moi for you enjoy!

Burhan Doğançay - Bonjour Marilyn (2009)

Starting off with more lo-fi trip/hip hop goodness from El Huervo, this time with a bonus of some lovely accordion like chiptune-y synths layered on over the top that are giving me Vangelis' Blade Runner vibes. Reading that back it doesn't sound too great but trust me, the Swede pulls it off in style.

More from of of my favourite beat crafters Knxwledge. The Intro to this one always throws me off, makes me think I got the video edit of AFX's Windowlicker on somewhere. It's incredibly short but my my my that beat is brilliant. Deffo bump-worthy, wouldn't mind an extended cut but this'll do just fine for now. Just don't make me try pronounce that title

And finally a rare example of turntablism I have in my libary, I love this track so much I should probably go out and find some more. A young Feadz & Mr. Oizo lend their hands to the scratching and beats respectivley for this little interlude, and the end result is one of the best moments on Analog Worms Attack.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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