Tuesday 26 August 2014


Not been too sure how I feel the past couple of days. It's not upbeat that's for sure, but I'm not sinking into a pool of sadness either. Rest assured i's not exactly the time for four to the floor hard house, here's some choice picks of the last 48 hours.

Gregory Crewdson - Untitled (From the Beneath The Roses series)

Click for huge (2717 x 1766 px)

I know Oneohtrix Point Never comes up a lot as one of my favourite ambient dealers but I cannot stress enough how well Daniel Lopatin does what he does. Take this rare bit from short lived side project Dania Shapes. It's gorgeously put together with lush synths being the order of the day here. However the Dania Shapes stuff he did has a certain glitchy element to it, one that gets more pronounced in this track as it goes on.

The same applies here. When another of my favourite ambient crafters gets involved with OPN the result is just magical. The intro to this LP is absolutely beautiful as is the track itself, the melody introduced around 46 seconds in is unmistakably Lopatin. It has a glitchy side but feels much more naturalistic than the digital artifacts of the Dania Shapes material.

More from Noise-rock group HEALTH's ambient soundtrack catalogue now. It's not often I can say I've seen ambient sensibilities applied to actual instruments, but this is certainly one if not the only example I have. Definitely a much rougher sounding beast in comparison to the previous The guitar work may not be incredibly complex, but it is very effective when setting the atmosphere, much like Pills and Pain from the same soundtrack.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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