Thursday 16 October 2014

Automated 4: No Such Luck

Turns out dissertations (that'd be Thesis for y'all in the USA) are hard. Do not worry, I'm still with you through the medium of scheduling posts in advance. Onto the music, which is strictly trip hop today.
Jeremy Mann - New York Rains

One of the tunes keeping my head up is tune from fellow Leodensian Nightmares On Wax. Carboot Soul was a worthy successor to Smoker's Delight, and I love the vibe throughout, I think it really captures that pre-millennium feel.

Mezzanine's been back in rotation along with it's bigger brother 100th Window because I love me some moody Trip Hop, even though it's from a year before the N.O.W album above I think it sounds much more modern. It regularly makes the lists of essential electronic albums so deffo give it a listen, it's reputation is well deserved.

UNKLE's debut has it's moments too, long time favourite of the LP I've been hanging onto, Bloodstain was a big part of my winter playlist last year, can't believe I'd slept on this album for so long. I mean, it's DJ Shadow and James Lavelle doing some trip hop, what's not to like?

-Claude Van Foxbat

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