Sunday 12 October 2014

Gloomy Sunday Vol. III

The sad train can't stop, won't stop. Almost forgot to put together a list this week but don't you worry I pulled it together last minute. Get ready for some sads. (You may notice a theme here, that may or may not be inspired by a certain movie I re-watched recently. I won't tell if you don't)
Edward Hopper - Sunday (1926)
Something I found recommended to me after I listened to a bunch of Squarepusher's jazzier stuff on Grooveshark, and I instantly fell in love like I did with HEALTH's Pills. The intro had me interested, but I thought it was just an ambient tune. When the guitar came in it quickly shot up my list of favourites. Such a gorgeous atmosphere painted here, I can't even pick a highlight it deserves a full listen every time.

I got turned onto Brook's work after looking over the long list of collaborations Brian Eno's done over the years, adn I was interested to see the ambient label thrown around, I've never heard of him outside of Eno so I decided to look into it. I was surprised to find a fair few soundtracks under his name, and from that I listened to his album Cobalt Blue which is actually really good. The main highlight is Ultramarine for sure, but the tracks around it are just as good. track it down if you dig.

Finally stepping into HEALTH-like territory again, here we get some noisy guitar happenings. When running my selections past a friend this one got the suitable description of an 'Audio Hangover' and I couldn't agree more. Not as pretty as the other two granted, but a nice addition of grit for a gloomy sunday.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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