Monday 6 April 2015

Easter Jams

Took the weekend off thanks to the magic of scheduled posts, and now I'm back home and refreshed I thought I'd draw up another selection for you because why not. So without further ado let's get stuck in for some fine holiday jams.

Freddy Reitz - Berlin

Simon Viklund is fast becoming my favourite Swedish export ever since my long time loves The Knife parted ways, every single addition he makes for the Payday soundtrack is golden and one of the latest ones added for spring break, Backstab, continues that trend.

Bit of a rarity I've recovered from the depths of my Daft Punk folder, an 8 minute version of Musique taken from a French compilation circa 1996. Come to think of it I think I may have picked it up on here before I came onto the staff. Nevertheless, enjoy.

And as well over the weekend I dug out my old Vitalic and holy hell it's been a while. I put them away long ago because I had listened to them to death, but now they're almost like new again. And I don't see a legendary tune like La Rock 01 leaving my rotation anytime soon, originally released in 2001 and it still holds proud in my hall of favourite electronic stuff. I needed the energy it brings to the table like yesterday.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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