Wednesday 8 April 2015

Typography Blues

To those of you out there with no experience in the world of typography, consider yourselves lucky. Nothing I know f in this world is as stressful as shifting kernings by fractions trying to get things looking nice. Even worse when it moves like in my videos! But I digress, I'm taking some time out to share some sound with you.

Edward Hopper - Western Motel (1957)

N.O.W has come back on me in a big way. I'm staggered by how good of an album In A Space Outta Sound is, it doesn't top Smoker's Delight for me, but it's a close bloody second. Many a time this tune has seen me home through the streets of Leeds.

Went digging up some DMX Krew earlier this year, and with it I found a new addition to my smooth synths section. I couldn't have done it without the original track that tipped me off to him, that is another remix from Music For Freelance. It's not much like the other's I've posted, it has a much more electronic edge. Get a load of that bouncy bassline though.

And finally another tune from Pretty Lights which accurately sums up my work ethic at least 33% of the time. Another solid addition to any playlist you may be prepping for the coming warmer months, as is any Pretty Lights really. Enjoy!

-Claude Van Foxbat

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