Monday 29 June 2015


Apologies for the last couple cop out posts, I've been (and still am) hecka busy. But I thought I'd at least try make a proper post for once this week so here we go. Feeding my journey in animating is this lovely bunch of songs right here:

Atelier Olschinsky - A.D. 2099 - 2311 (01)

I've been re-living memories of the late 1990's when I decided to go track down the PS1 Ghost In The Shell game. Tuns out it has a whole album of late 90's techno goodness alongside it stocked with some familiar names. I must admit that before this I wasn't big on Beltram. Of course I knew OF him, but as I can remember I'd heard a few things a long time ago and not dug it, but tastes do change. If I can find some more tunes like this in his catalogue, I can have my techno itch scratched for years to come.

Ellen Allien now, I wasn't too hot on the minimal parts of Dust, but I do adore track 4 Sun The Rain. Maybe it's my weakness for processed vocals speaking, or even my recent love of more downtempo songs but I cannot stop looping this while I work, it helps the tedium of keyframing go by that much quicker.

Revisited Autechre's Anti EP too, and while Flutter is by far and away the standout track, both in terms of sound and the whole concept behind it as a protest song, the other two songs on the EP have their own merits. This one for example sounds like it could easily be a prototype for Amber (which came out that same year, and is the Autechre boys' most prolific album.) Especially on the outro, which caps the song off nicely.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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