Thursday 18 June 2015

Soundcloud Roundup

Apologies for being all quiet on my end as of late, I'm enjoying my free time now Uni is done. Anyways I made my rounds on soundcloud again and caught up on some stuff I missed. Leading e chrge is HudMo who dropped his second LP recently. Now I haven't listened to it yet, and even if I had I don't consider myself the leading source on HudMo anyways, but even so I am in love with this tune he's put up. I needed more sugary sweet anthem-style synths in my life since taking fellow Glaswegian Rustie's Glass Swords out of rotation again.

And catching up with a bloke I found on reddit a while back, dug deep in his 'cloud and found this. Like he says it's less of a remix and more of a cover of the oiginal, but I think it stands on its own merits. I adore the original track and this is an interesting angle on it for sure.

Digging sounddcloud has been petty great, because thanks to people reposting songs you can go down an infinite rabbit hole of tunes. This is one such case, now I may be biased considering my love for hip hop instrumentals, but I think this one's pretty neat. My only complaint is I ain't really feeling the intro but I stop caring once the main body of the song hits.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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