Friday 13 November 2015

Return Of The Shuffle 2

Tried to form another shuffle post and it seems to have worked out alright! looks like thy'll be back on the regularly scheduled programming list in the near future then, and so with that lets get cracking shall we.

Robert Del Naja - Mut And Jef 1 (2008)

Pulled some more flashbulb out of storage again recently, he's always been pretty flexible when it comes to styles, especially on the LP this is from Soundtrack To A Vacant Life. The record swings around through phases of ambient, acoustic and other such experiments, but I'd forgotten just how fun The Flashbulb is when he makes more electronic oriented stuff, from the breakbeats to the fantastic bouncy bass, I adore it all.

Also been making an effort to incorporate Never, Never, Land. A lot of the tracks are a bit more experimental than those on Psyence Fiction, and I do miss DJ Shadows little sample contributions but that doesn't meant there's not good stuff here. Invasion had me incredibly interested from the get go with that strong intro, and then won me over completely when I realised it was Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack (and the above art) fame featuring on the vocals.

And finally a long lost addition to my collection that became buried under the weight of all my other tracks. I owe my hometown hip-hop buddy Nightmares On Wax for showing me The Deadbeats, they don't seem to be too popular but what they do is tick all my instrumental hip hp buttons pretty consistently. This one's taken from the album Made In The Shade, which I highly suggest you check out if you're looking for some ultra smooth sunny vibes.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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