Saturday 21 November 2015

Soundcloud Roundup The Eighth

That time again, and once again Soundcloud wasn't making it easy. Think I made good of it though, first things first with another bit from Oneohtrix Point Never's latest, which in contrast to the last one shows off the infuence of both OPN's previous Eccojams release, particularly on the intro. It goes through just about as many changes as Mutant Standard, and as such probably isn't for everyone. As for me; I'm liking it, but it's not the instant love that R Plus Seven was, I think it may take some time before I form a concrete opinion on it.

I've long since fallen out with the Kavinsky-esque electro sound after it blew up and went by more names than you could count. Though my love may have been re-kindled a little as I was making my way through Abbrev's archives, not sure if it was his intention but I am certainly feeling the non-cliche approach to the sound that's on show here, that actually sounds like it's trying to be electronic music and not emulating the 'outrun' style.

And finally a little something I've put up before but bears repeating. Plaid's remix of All Is Full Of Love is something I dig out every few months and fall in love with again. There's not a bad remix on the single, but Plaid's has always been my favourite next to the original. Björk and Plaid go way back, with guest spots and remixes common between them. Plaid's treatment of the original is very understated, with some sparkling synths providing excellent accompaniment to Björk's vocal.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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