Friday 6 November 2015

Return Of The Shuffle

Y'all remember back when, where I'd open my library and post the first 4 or so tracks that came up on shuffle? Well I noticed it has been a while since I did that, and my libary has grown a fair bit since the last one, so I figured now would be a good time to revive it. Here we go.

Loui Jover - Bam Bam

Kicking off we have one of many relics that have survived 4 or so hard drive migrations I think? I don't even own the album, I just borrowed it off a friend not long after it came out and ripped it. I don't think parts of Hold Your Colou have help up all too well, but I still love the odd track. Tarantula is probably the closest the album gets to old school drum & bass, if only thanks to the Afro-Caribbean emcee.

A revisit here to probably one of the rarest tracks I have. Taken from only EP by Walking Endustries with only 500 copies pressed. There's been rumblings of an expanded re-issue happning soon but I haven't seen anything come of it. Which is a shame 'cos from the two tracks I've heard from it, it's bloody fantastic, until then I'll have to make do with the mixed version Miss Kittin included on her compilation Radio Caroline Vol. 1.

Been a while since I touched upon anything Scruff too, this one's a bit of a standout from the rest of Keep It Unreal, there's pretty much no jazzy samples other than the titular vocal. Everything else that makes a Scruff track is here in spades though, and I do really dig it though, I always forget about that squelchy bass that is somehow a little nostalgic, but every time I fall in love all over again.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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