Monday 28 March 2016

Blue Monday

Hello! You will be pleased to know I am not dead, I have only recently taken up a weekend night job dealio so Friday through Sunday may be a bit dry from now on but I plan to try and make up for it through the week. Now that's out of the way here are some songs I am recovering to.

On Kawara - Oct. 23, 1989 (from Today Series, Monday) (1989)

Been a while since I've laid down some proper ambient but that changes today. Taken from an album where all the songs are untitled comes this 'un from The Green Kingdom, loved it for a long time since it was the backing piece to Hotline Miami 2's main menu, the combo of the visuals and this may make it a contender for chillest main menu ever.

Been on a bit of a BOC bend as of late, so I thought it'd be ample time to mention the Peel Session EP again. It mainly some alternate version of songs from Music Has The Right To Children (and if you're lucky the rare XYZ). It is pretty short on the whole too, but it's all worth it to hear this extended take on Olson.

Let the Röyksopp boys play us out again, with yet another bit from The Understanding. This one's actually the penultimate track if you only have the vanilla version of the album without the few bonus tracks, but I think it sets the mood well enough.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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