Thursday 10 March 2016

Simon Says

Clumsily I let today sneak up on me and had no concrete post planned, luckily the Van Foxbat clan are masters of cunning last minute plans so I have salvaged it. Deets after art.

Simon Hantai - Blanc

It's been a while since I've posted anything from Simon Viklund, and it just so happens that I have picked out 3 tunes of his that I wanted to cover. They're all reworks of tunes he did way back in 2012 or so, starting off with the very aptly named Breach.

Next comes the Gun Metal Grey rework. Honestly, not so hot on this one in parts. I adore the original and the dubstep parts feel really tacked on (see about 1:35), and for some reason Simon decided it needed a 2+ minute fadeout? Still, I think it's pretty nice overall, it's nice to see parts of the original peek through every now and then.

Thankfully the Crime Wave rework is free of those complaints, albeit at the cost of being a lot similar to the original. Not that I blame him at all mind, that main riff is killer and it'd be a shame to replace it with generic wobbles. It's punchy, builds well and doesn't overstay it's welcome, in short everything I like when it comes to Mr. Viklunds work.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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