Tuesday 22 March 2016

Bluesy Tuesday

Carlos Saenz de Tejada - A Sad Girl (1921)

Little bit of a sadboy today so expect even more downbeatness than usual, starting once again with even more Bossa Nova style goodness from The Thievery Corp. The whole album is a lovely encapsulation of its title, full of wistful tunes to get down to.

More from Everything But The Girl again. Tracey Thorn once again lending herself to yet another downtempo offering. Much more a product of its time than her appearances on Massive Attack's Protection but that's to be expected, EBTG was the kind of band that occasionally broke through into the charts back then.

And finally another more instrumental number from The Flashbulb's Soundtrack To A Vacant Life. Well, I say instrumental but there are some whisper vocals towards the end, but even then it's very unlike the usual AFX style IDM you expect from The Flashbulb.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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