Monday 6 June 2016

Feelin' Monday

On Kawara - Oct. 23, 1989 (From Today Series, Monday) (1989)

It's a start of a new week again. And what could be better than a slight headache and a real humid day?. But enough about me let's get onto tunes, and of course as we all know the best ones to treat mild headaches are early 90's ambient techno.

Moderat's II hasn't really left rotation since I got my mitts on it. Let In The Light especially so, might to be a little biased thanks to my weakness for pitch shifting,but every time it comes on I have to hove it a full listen.

And finally something a little more downbeat to round it out. Moby's been going all out with the vegan stuff over on his social media as of late which can get a little grating at times, but methinks it's important to seperate the man from the music. After all, you can't really hate the easy going vibes of Play.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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