Saturday 4 June 2016

MIDI Memories

Real Life(™) strikes again. It's the longest gap I can remember, which isn't too bad all things considered. But I noticed so I thought I'd swing by with a lil somethin' somethin' for ya. Should be no surprise that I'm a huge fan of both retro tech and AFX. Well thanks to soundcloud I get to meet both those interests in one compact packge. Observe:

It's like if Richard D. James made Doom .wads as well as music. And to be frank I wouldn't be surprised if he hadn't knocked out a couple custom maps in his time given the kinda guy he is. I'm surprised the Bass came through so well on the Ageispolis cover, but then again when MIDIs were a thing I only had tinny PC speakers. Until next time!

-Claude Van Foxbat

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