Wednesday 22 June 2016


Been a while since I've done something in this vein, it's nice to have some ammo for it though. Here's another piece from Celadon City. Long time followers should be no stranger to his easy going feelgood style that we've come ot know and love by now. But this one's slightly different. I missed it the first time he put it up, but managed to get around to it this time. Not so much rough FlyLo Los Angeles compression on this one, it reminds me more of Soichi Terada's Drum & Bass work and the Ape Escape OST. But more importantly....

A long time ago I says it was important to remember the roots of electronic stuff. I know that can sound like pretentious waffle but you can plainly see the effect of stuff like Disco and Italo on future developments. I've mentioned to CC before that his stuff reminds me of short lived band Plone and their playful electronic, but Dawnjogger reminded me of something a little different. Jean-Jacques Perrey to be exact, using tape, scissors and a Moog he's made all kinds of radical (for the time at least) electronic stuff in a similar vein. This one here is from 1968 which to put in perspective is 10 years before raftwerk would release The Model. Unfortunatle it's my first time being limited by soundcloud pro, but it gives you enough of an idea, and find his stuff is all over on YouTube in full too.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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