Tuesday 2 August 2016


Closing in on yet another birthday for me and the blog, so I'm in the process of trying to find some good tunes to maybe do an old fashioned birtday track dump. Until then though I have some smooth tunes lined up to ease you through the start of the week. Starting with more from Celadon City, he let slip on twitter that he's sat on a bunch of unreleased tunes (which would explain why they're so frequent), so long as theyre all of this quality and never fail to brighten up my day, I'll keep listening to 'em.

Speaking of good time vibes, here's a slice of scruff that goes well with a cuppa your favourite warm mug-based drink, the man himself even has a line of teabags if you're so inclined. It's relatively simple as far as Scruff tracks go, but man oh man is it ever sweet.

A key component of one of my favourite audio/visual combos of all time, I remember the lonely guitar instantly resonating with me as soon as it hit. It's a gorgeous motif that is evolved and replayed throughout he entire tunes runtime and it's nothing short of beautiful.

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