Wednesday 31 October 2018

Ilictronix Podcast: The Halloween Special 2018!

It's a Halloween Special! Claude and Adam share their favorite spooky tracks.

Right on time this week, with our suitably spooky selections to trick or treat your ears. Our trend of going ironic with our intro tunes continues, what could top our hardstyle 4th of July special? well, some Skeletonized trap might do just that! Outside of that, my selections are a far cry form my old days of posting dancefloor-orieted tunes I take a dive into my library and dust off some of the darker sounds I have on offer; the downtempo streak continues with my first offering being some gorgeously macabre Dark-wave (though not before the terrifying spectre of eurobeat makes a very brief cameo in the intro!) Adam takes us on an eclectic ghost train of selections, ranging from Industrial to House and Acid and back. I didn't want this ep to descend into slightly spooky dancefloor stuff and I think we pulled that off spectacularly, Apologies in advance if these selections aren't your bag, we'll be back to our usual programming come next week! Tracklist and show notes follow as always:

Mega NRG Man - Back On The Rocks (ends at 0:22)
Spooky Scary Skeletons (NoXuu Remix)

Claude’s picks:
Suilen - Zakuro
Clark - Vengeance Drools
Akira Yamaoka - Nightmarish Waltz
Hayato Matsuo - Badrick
El Huervo - Ghost

Adam’s Picks
Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?
Nine Inch Nails - Sin
Jenny Hval - Female Vampire
Bam Bam - Wheres Your Child?
Sax - Don't Turn Your Back On Me (Halloween Mix)

Carpenter Brut - Escape From Midwich Valley (Live)

Show Notes:
I immediately found that Dr. Dre produced tune I mentioned offhandedly with some vague googling, contrary to what I said Dre isn't ON the track but rather produced it. It's called (fittingly enough) Monster Rapping by Laylaw, released in '85, it's a far cry form the G-Funk and gangsta rap stuff that would make Dre's name much later.

Adam's contribution to the show-notes came in the form of a link simply labelled SKINNY PUPPY - LIVE 1986, definitely worth a peek if you want to hear what Adam was talking about, doubly so if you're like me and just like peeking at different aesthetics of genres and decades!

A little light on the show notes this week it seems, I have an itching feeling I've missed a couple but give me a day or so to have a proper scrub through the full cast and I'll add any that are missing. I'm goign to echno wat I said towards the end of this episode and just ask you all to be safe out there no matter what you're doing this eve (or this weekend too) and of course to enjoy the music. Myself and Adam will be back next week with more of the usual, I think we've figured out the background noise issue but you'll all know when I do. We'll leave the light on for ya.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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