Wednesday 10 October 2018

Ilictronix Podcast: The Drum & Bass Showcase

Drum & Bass special! Claude and Adam share some of their favorite Drum and Bass tracks and talk about Flying Lotus and Brainfeeder. Adam digs out some Paradise Garage tracks. Claude goes through his personal history with the Drum & Bass genre.

The ilictronix podcast for this week is a whole mish-mash of all sorts. Completely coincidentally, me and Adam both turn on the spotlight to a bit of a contentious genre within the electronic umbrella: Drum & Bass. I talk about my past and present listenings in the world of D&B, giving a chronological rundown and background for each of my picks, Adam tries to merge the aesthetically opposite genres of Paradise Garage and Drum & Bass bypicking one of each back to back. Along the way we talk Daft Punk's Filmography, the latest info from Flying Lotus about an upcoming album (and break off into a tangent about FlyLo as a whole, particularly his sound evolution and what's what with Brainfeeder), as well as asking what exactly makes 'Liquid' Drum & Bass?

Dom & Roland - Aliens

Claude’s picks:
Soichi Terada - Time Station
E-Z Rollers - Movin' On
Omni Trio - First Contact
Chase & Status - Take Me Away
Netsky - Let's Leave Tomorrow

Adam’s Picks
Beard In Dust & Arsenaii - Hey Hey
Lemon D - This Is LA
Caroll Williams - Have You For My Love
Tango - Understanding
MCB - Time Is Right

Everything But The Girl - Blame (Fabio Remix)

Show Notes:
The Moving Shadow mix I was talking about, 01.1, is up on youtube in full, the use of First Contact as the intro hypes me up till this day. And the adaption with a slightly different tracklist and the Afro-Carribean MC that I mentioned being featured in GTA III as MSX FM can be found there too, despite being set in the USA, it does a fantastic job of capturing the feel of a psuedo-pirate radio station, down to the slightly naff audio quality on the MC's mic.

If anyone's really interested in hearing the (admittedly subtle) differences between the release version of Time Station and the in-game one, here's two videos for each version: The released "Originape Soundtracks" version and the in-game one (I could only find this half hour loop unfortunatley). The difference is more pronounced on other tracks from the game, for example the main synth on Crabby Beach is almost completely different. Whether that's a compression to fit on the game disc issue or Terada just re-recorded it I don't know, but interesting nonetheless. I'd love to hear the technical details about the limitations of PS1 audio if I ever get the chance.

The documentary Adam talked about, Jungle Fever, is available online here via Dazed themselves. it features Fabio who remixed the Everything But The Girl track used for the outro, and Grooverider who almost made the cut with my selections, and also has my second favourite mix of the outro track you can find here (though the nly ones I could find are a little different than on the EP: Everything But The Girl - Blame (Grooverider Jeep Mix)

Adam's Twitter bot he mentioned is @garageclassics on twitter, give 'em a follow if you liked what you heard this episode and want your daily dose of more. Twitter is also telling me that Busy P of Ed Banger Records fame follows said bot which makes sense but is still pretty interesting!
And that *should* be that for this week. As I've learned doing these, there may be one or two things I've missed or otherwise forgotten to put in the show notes. If so just stay tuned, I give the episodes a quick run through after the posts go up, and I'll edit this post with updates should I have missed any! That's it until next week, join us once again where Me and Adam will be back with more hot takes and even hotter selections. As always, stay safe and enjoy the music. We'll leave the light on for ya.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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