Monday 29 October 2018

Ilictronix Podcast: Replacement Pod Service

Claude and Adam discuss their favorite tracks of the week. This week Adam shares a list of his favorite tracks for this summer and Claude talks about Japanese bonus tracks and cuts from two different Akira's. *Uploaded late due to Adam being very sick.*

This slightly late instalment of the ilictronix podcast (due to technical issues we recorded in two parts, and Adam is ill as mentioned above, but hey it's the first time we've been late!) is coming to you to make your Monday this week, just before we get into our super spooky special selections for next week; I return to my usual routine of downtempo vibes, with a cross section of tunes I'm feeling at the mo, including a Japanese Bonus Track from Flylo's Until The Quiet Comes to kick things off, and of course what would some patented Van Foxbat selections be without some soundtrack stuff? The two Akiras that tripped Adam up: Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame, and Takemoto of Serial Experiments Lain. Adam gets all nostalgic for the sounds and times of Summer now we're deep into Fall, sharing a variety of tunes and telling us why they're on his list. TBH that's part of the reason I started this while podcast thing back up again so I'm super into it, I absolutely love hearing the accompanying tales for various tunes. Anyways, full tracklist follows as per ususal:

DJ Tonka - Summerthang

Claude’s picks:
Flying Lotus - The Things You Left (Japanese Bonus Track)
Casino Versus Japan - Metrobolt
Boards Of Canada - Music Is Math
Akira Yamaoka - The Reverse Will
Akira Takemoto - Island In Video Casset

Adam’s Picks
Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget
Scan 7 - The Resistance
Special Request - Brainstorm
Lab79 -Test Two
Mhysa - Strobe

DJ Mehdi - Survivol

Show Notes:
The full fanpage breakdown of Boards Of Canada's Geogaddi with a big old list of the references, samples and even transcripts of some of the harder to hear and reversed samples on Geogaddi can be found over here on Bocpages, it's even got some interesting interviews from the band themselves, as well as extra fan theories and the like. It's an enthralling, if at times slightly unsettling read.

The fan-made mixtapes I mentioned compiling all the trip-hoppy and lighter ambient stuff Akira Yamaoka's made for the Silent Hill Games over the years are both on YouTube: the original mix here and the recently-released updated one Silent Chill Redux here, be aware that the tracklist seems to be using the fan-made titles for some of the songs rather than the ones on the actual release. (IE: on the old mix "Pizza & Bowling" is actually called Alone In The Town on the actually relased SH2 OST)

My print-based Spotify playlists can be found on my spotify profile! but to save you all some searching I'm going to link them all independently here: (C)yan is a bit of a mixed bag, in here you'll find a slightly downtempo leaning collection sprinkled in amongst little bits of electropop, some ambient selections and other various lush sounds. (M)agenta next, which is home to all manner of tunes to cut loose to, a mish-mash of gorgeous tunes of the House, Electro, Synthwave persuasion, plus a few miscellaneous selections to get lost in. (Y)ellow: Home of all things downtempo, with a strong hip hop/trip hop lean to it, with some slightly funkier numbers in there for good measure. And finally, (K)ey. Which is where all the darker parts of my music collection lie. Full disclousre it's not all electronic!

And just because I'm in my playlists, if anyone's big into the Cyberpunk aesthetic like I am, I also have a huuuuge playlist of tunes that fit the genre I'm constantly curating, you can find that here

And once again, that *should* be that for this week. As I've learned doing these, there may be one or two things I've missed or otherwise forgotten to put in the show notes. If so just stay tuned, I give the episodes a quick run through after the posts go up, and I'll edit this post with updates should I have missed any! That's it until next week, join us once again where Me and Adam will be back with more hot takes and even hotter selections. As always, stay safe and enjoy the music. We'll leave the light on for ya.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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