Wednesday 1 July 2020

Downtime (2020)

NOTE: Hi there! This is an older post that I've re-published and am re-posting as a new article too just so there is visible content going up. This is going to carry on for a while as I fix the ~8 years of broken links in the archives, but do note that the next post will be an original one! This post is originally from November 2014.


Hello all, gap in my schedule so I can lay down an actual post and not just some soundcloud players. Full winter mode engaged as practically every single piece of upbeat music I own has been put away for storage, here's what I got on ATM:

Jeremy Mann - Rooftops In The Snow

100th Window is essentially perfect for this, a much more cold and artificial experience then say Mezzanine was. The dark patch the band was going through reflects very well in most of the LPs tracks. The intro for this one is gorgeous, and Massive's regular vocal guest Horace Andy shines bright too.

Winter wouldn't be complete without OPN now would it? Every December since my first listen back in 2010 I dust off the Rifts compilation and warm myself up on that sweet analogue fuzz. The opening track is the one that sold me, and one that still stands tall in my stack of ambient to this day. A perfect introduction to Oneohtrix Point Never if you're new, check out the Rifts compilation for more, they re-issued it a couple years ago with some extra tunes.

Re-visiting Röyksopp's output after my last post has been a great experience. Tucked away on the end of The Understanding is this gorgeous tune which gives me the same warm fuzzies that they did with Sparks from Melody A.M. back in 2001. As a penultimate track it's almost perfect. I wouldn't say it summarises this album's content so much but that's fine by me, I do love when they end on a downtempo note.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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