Friday 3 July 2020

Remembering To Remember

Current events have given me a mass of time to catch up on that ever-growing list of things to pickup that I maintain. And on top of that I've managed to find a couple things that I had resigned myself to never finding. While this is a positive however, it too has fallen victim to the wishlist problem. Much like my Steam account, I am incredibly guilty of wish-listing EVERYTHING that I might even have a passing interest in (or worse still, just that I think the album art looks cool). Which brings me to the purpose of today's post; a rundown of things I've wishlisted that I must get around to picking up soon.

Paul Klee - Remembrance of a Garden (1914)

Occasionally I'll check out what Spotify recommends I add to some of my playlists, more often than not they're misses or just more tracks from albums aledy in them, but sometimes you get some goodies in there. Take this one for example; I haven't heard anything from Kölsch before, and even though I may have stubled across it via checking out Tiga's releases I'm sure happy that I cam across it. My taste has changed a bunch since teenage me was trawling the net for his next electro house fix but there are times when that part of me reawakens for a little bit, and this tune does exactly that to me, something about this sound evokes those same feelings as when I first tuned into Electro-Choc, (although it's tech house now and not straight electro). Regardless, I am in love with everything about this one.

It's worth keeping tabs on Bandcamp too, since last year some of the more obscure or hard to come by releases of old have come back there which is a delight to see. Case in point with DMX Krew, albums previously only available physically on Aphex Twin's Rephlex label and never re-pressed are now making their way to the digital frontier. I'd already picked up We Are DMX second hand before it came to bandcamp, but now it and the album before it (Nu Romantix) are now readily available. And they are the two I would recommend as a great starting point if you're looking to explore the sound of the Krew, the sound is of the same Chromeo school of old school but self aware which often reflects in Ed from DMX's choice of lyrics. Here's one of my favourites from We Are DMX, it's not as full of self-aware irony as other tracks on there but other than that it's a solid intro to DMX Krew. I could live in the sounds of that short intro bar forever.

Finally, another album I'd been waiting on to make it's digital debut. Seems like it did a long time ago but I could never find it in my searches. That's one of the downfalls of bandcamp when you end up with stores run by labels and artists' there is a version of this LP available from one of the Funkstörung folk, but it's the edition with interviews and commentary spliced into the tracks which, while neat, isn't what I'm looking for. Anyway, Disconnected is a lovely slice of mid 2000's downtempo; electronic meets acoustic with just a smidgen of IDM influence. I was going to go with the title track of the LP, but changed my mind last minute. Not to sound like a broken record but I love this one so so much, I forget about it every now and then but some spark will ignite in my head and I seek it out. Mainly the music video was a massive inspiration to me when I was making live visuals for Artists and DJs, which I think might make me a twinge nostalgic.

As always, stay safe and enjoy the music all!


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