Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A bit of magic

Hi guys.

I don't have much time to post, so it'll be a quick one.

The Magician keeps releasing incredible tracks and magic tapes, so I had to post at least some of them.

Peter being Yuksek, I was expecting a LOT of that collab for Kitsuné's next Kitsuné Maison compilation. And well... I was not disapointed. Let's hope they'll work together again, and again.

Peter & The Magician - Twist [click to download]

Want more ? Well there's more, of course ! First, Yuksek's voice is incredible.

And second, e p i c - s y n t h s - o f - d o o m.

Yuksek - On A Train (The Magician remix) [click to download]

Even if Stephen is not a part of Aeroplane anymore, he still was when My Enemy was produced, and that track was one of the best on the album. Rex The Dog posted a remix on his soundcloud today, so that was it, I had to post about it.

Aeroplane 'My Enemy' Rex The Dog remix by rexthedog1980

Final treat from Stephen, his latest magic tape. Tracklist in the comments.

Magic Tape Ten by TheMagician

And one from Rex The Dog, 'cause I think it's the best way discover an artist's universe, and new artists in the same way. Tracklist in the comments also.

Rex The Dog - Mixtape #1 Here We Go Scando by rexthedog1980



Here said...

The Magician's tracklist:

Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Plastic Plates remix)
Fancy - All Night Long (Vitalic rework)
Big Ben Tribe - Heroes (Tony Carrasco Instrumental remix)
Bryan Mette - Standing In the Road (Whatever/Whatever remix)
Mitzi - India (Joakim remix)
Jus' Bros (aka Paulo Jardim & Martin Dawson) - The Truth
Todd Terje - Ragysh
Peter and The Magician - Twist
Yuksek feat. Kele - On a Train (The Magician remix)
Grandtheft Feat. Alixe Turner - Let Me Out (U-Tern Remix)

Rex The Dog's tracklist:

1 Arp 2600 bass intro - Oscar the Piggy
2 jj 'Ecstasy' with Arp 2600 bass
3 Niki & The Dove 'Under The Bridges' with Arp 2600 bass
4 Henrik José 'Pinpointing the Problem'
5 iamamiwhoami 'O'
6 Drunk TV host / Henrik José 'Photo Album' excerpt
7 Slagsmålsklubben '1888 Franklin'
8 Florence And The Machine 'Heavy In Your Arms' Christoffer Berg Remix
9 The Irrepressibles 'In This Shirt' Röyksopp remix/Sound Of Arrows bassline
10 Outro - Weather Forecast/Preparing The Gas

Colour said...

Nice post. thanks for the tracklists :D

GMGN said...

Aeroplane splitting up the best thing to happen to dance music this year?

Here said...

Well, with the awesomeness delivered by stephen, I'm gonna say yes :o

and btw, love your remix of Awooga, so much better than the original :)

GMGN said...

Cheers mate, and thanks for posting it!