Tuesday 3 May 2011

A bit of magic

Hi guys. I don't have much time to post, so it'll be a quick one.

The Magician keeps releasing incredible tracks and magic tapes, so I had to post at least some of them.

Peter being Yuksek, I was expecting a LOT of that collab for Kitsuné's next Kitsuné Maison compilation. And well... I was not disapointed. Let's hope they'll work together again, and again.

Want more ? Well there's more, of course ! First, Yuksek's voice is incredible.

And second, e p i c - s y n t h s - o f - d o o m.

Even if Stephen is not a part of Aeroplane anymore, he still was when My Enemy was produced, and that track was one of the best on the album. Rex The Dog posted a remix on his soundcloud today, so that was it, I had to post about it.

Final treat from Stephen, his latest magic tape. Tracklist in the comments.

And one from Rex The Dog, 'cause I think it's the best way discover an artist's universe, and new artists in the same way. Tracklist in the comments also.

Enjoy! -Here


LRNT said...

The Magician's tracklist:

Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Plastic Plates remix)
Fancy - All Night Long (Vitalic rework)
Big Ben Tribe - Heroes (Tony Carrasco Instrumental remix)
Bryan Mette - Standing In the Road (Whatever/Whatever remix)
Mitzi - India (Joakim remix)
Jus' Bros (aka Paulo Jardim & Martin Dawson) - The Truth
Todd Terje - Ragysh
Peter and The Magician - Twist
Yuksek feat. Kele - On a Train (The Magician remix)
Grandtheft Feat. Alixe Turner - Let Me Out (U-Tern Remix)

Rex The Dog's tracklist:

1 Arp 2600 bass intro - Oscar the Piggy
2 jj 'Ecstasy' with Arp 2600 bass
3 Niki & The Dove 'Under The Bridges' with Arp 2600 bass
4 Henrik José 'Pinpointing the Problem'
5 iamamiwhoami 'O'
6 Drunk TV host / Henrik José 'Photo Album' excerpt
7 Slagsmålsklubben '1888 Franklin'
8 Florence And The Machine 'Heavy In Your Arms' Christoffer Berg Remix
9 The Irrepressibles 'In This Shirt' Röyksopp remix/Sound Of Arrows bassline
10 Outro - Weather Forecast/Preparing The Gas

Colour said...

Nice post. thanks for the tracklists :D

GMGN said...

Aeroplane splitting up the best thing to happen to dance music this year?

LRNT said...

Well, with the awesomeness delivered by stephen, I'm gonna say yes :o

and btw, love your remix of Awooga, so much better than the original :)

GMGN said...

Cheers mate, and thanks for posting it!