Wednesday 28 July 2010

A Very Warped History: Intro

Chances are if you know your stuff about electronic music, you've seen this logo. It's the watermark of the legendary Warp records (which was originally called Warped Records, changed due to it's difficulty to make out over the phone.)
Founded in 1989 by Steve Beckett and Rob Mitchell, they and their new label set out to change electronic music forever, and they would, later becoming home to acts like Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Autechre and Boards Of Canada

The label's first release (Forgemasters' "Track With No Name") was limited to a 500 copy pressing and was distributed in a borrowed car to record shops all over Sheffield. Despite these humble beginnings, Warp's first commercial success would come less than a year later in 1990, with the release of LFO's self titled 12" (with a Purple sleeve by The Designer's Republic) which would rise to number 12 in the UK singles chart. Reports flooded in of club soundsystems blowing out due to the low frequency basslines throughout the track, which only added to it's popularity. This release marked only the beginning of Warp's legacy in the world of Electronic music.

Why am I telling you this you ask? well, a fan requested I do a best of Warp post, but it soon became apparent to me that one post was simply not enough. So over the next few weeks/months/years/so on Myself and fellow new writer Here will be documenting the history of Warp records, and showing you their landmark releases.
but enough talk, enjoy the sounds of LFO's classic, 'cause this is what the next few are going to sound like :)

Tune in next time for more classic releases and words,
-Claude Van Foxbat


Mr. Brown said...

Oh LFO, instant classic, love it!
I'm looking forward to this series, I have the feeling I'm going to learn something ;)

Adam said...

Hey thanks a bunch for doing these posts! While I love hearing all different tracks you guys drop on us its nice to see some background. Can't wait for the rest of the series. Keep up the awesome work guys!

Champiness said...

I always assumed (based on "Freak") that LFO were a consistently dark, evil-sounding band. Thanks for enlightening me.

Claude Van Foxbat said...

indeed, and it doesn't sound too old considering it's from 1990!

Colour said...

Really looking forward to this series. OMFGWTFBBQ, I love deep bass.