Wednesday 13 October 2010

Freaky Frequencies

As I'm sure you've seen from my other Pick 'N Mix posts, I have a soundtrack for almost everything. And this October is no different, I have an assortment of tunes to make you dance, and some to creep you out. Let's begin :)

I'll start with the electro first, Oizo delivers with the original version of pourriture, not necessarily a Halloween song but fits the bill quite well with it's screechy guitars and haunting vocals. I'm also using it for my Zombie movie I'm doing at college, so there's that too!

This one earns it's place on the list simply because it samples old zombie flicks, what more can you ask for at this time of year, eh? There's a surprising lack of samples like that actually, I sense a gap in the market! I will team up with someone and create Progressive Zomstep House! any takers?

Next up is a track I heard best described as "the theme to the most messed up and awesome game show ever". Sébastien's weird combo actually works out pretty well, it's catchy as all hell despite sounding incredibly cheesy at the beginning.

And whats Halloween without thriller? 'cept this ain't the thriller you know, it's remixed by our man La Roche. 'nuff said.

One late addition that came up as I was writing, one of my recent favourite tracks - a real downbeat number from Fever Ray, for those of you who want a more ambient night :).

For the finale, one track that will genuinely creep you out. I'm not going to say much other than if you need some sounds for freaking people out, this is the track to do it with. (fun fact: Gwely Mernans translates to "Death Bed") also, if you want more creepy stuff from AFX check out Hankie from the Warped series.

sorry for the huge gap, been bogged down with coursework and stuff, you know how it is. (not as bad as being a Chilean miner, mind) This means I won't be as regular sometimes, but now I should be back to my old schedule (for a while). Warped will continue after this post, but for now, just be glad I finally got something up. :P Define 'Regular' -Claude Van Foxbat


darkneurotic said...

thanks for post the Gorillaz song! hip Albatross, one of my favorites!

Champiness said...

I'm totally playing "Gwely Marnans" at my haunted house this year! Thanks!

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