Monday 17 January 2011

Ping Pong

I have posted 4 times in the last 4 and half months. I don't know about you, but I consider this to be a hideously low number, so as a late New Year's resolution, I'm gonna start posting more often from now on. And we'll start off with some tracks that recently caught my ear.

First of all, a little matter regarding my last post. If you heard the first 7 minutes of Russ Chimes' "Expressway Mix Pt.2", then you would've heard a fantastic intro and then an unreleased remix Russ made for Booka Shade.

I don't like it when good stuff isn't released, so I simply joined the intro with the full version of his remix so now everyone can get the full taste of the first minutes of that mix.

Now comes my favourite song from one of my favourite albums of the year. Two Door Cinema Club's "Something Good Can Work" is a simple, catchy and dancable tune that has the power to make people happy, which is all you really need from a song.

Next up comes a track that is great to end a set with. Nicolas Jaar's remix of Azari & Ill's "Into The Night" is a very calm affair, with a lot of bass, a lot of keys and an overall smoothness throughout the song.

And finally, because this is Blue Monday (a term I only discovered today), here's an 80's drug fuelled dance music anthem:


Lost and found,


Champiness said...

Clicking on the picture give you a bonus MP3.
Now, what's my prize? :)

Alex said...

Daww, i was hoping people wouldn't say where it was.

Oh well, have a cookie.