Monday 10 January 2011

You Can Dance

Hi there,

Saw Chilly Gonzales release a new video from his Ivory Tower album today, so I got the urge to do a small post on the awesomeness of this album and tell you guys a little something about it's background.

First up, the video in question, from the song You Can Dance:

I already thought this song was one of the best on the album, but adding a clip like this to it... Damn, my love for it only keeps getting bigger and bigger! Shake those butts, Push them pelvisses forward and Wiggle them chests...

Btw, here's a relinkage to the track that was already posted by Here in his top 10 albums of 2010 post:

Now something interesting about Ivory Tower, this album was originally a soundtrack for a movie that was partially written by Gonzales himself. This Canadian film features acting performances by the likes of Chilly, Tiga, Peaches and Feist. I must admit I was really fortunate to watch the movie, because I'm affraid it will not be released in any normal cinema around the globe. The movie is about two brothers (Chilly and Tiga) that both moved towards different environments at a certain time in their life and developped a unique chess technique over the time they were separated. While Tiga became a chess superstar, doing it for the fame and the money... Chilly wanted to make the game more creative and fun for the people to play (calling it Jazz Chess, the chess with no rules)... The movie is made up like a typical sports movie, even showing the training method of both brothers a la Rocky. And eventually the both of them class in an epic final game to decide for once and for all who is the best player and more importantly, which style in chess is superior.

If you ever manage to find the movie, make sure you watch it. It's got an amazing score and despite the fact that most actors don't really act for a living, the movie is very well made and it approaches the serious sports genre with ample humor.

I did manage to find a little snippet from the movie on youtube however:

The song I am Europe became pretty big over here, being played on the radio alot... Not so hard to see why, because the amazing piano play comined with the raw humorous Chilly rap make this song a masterpiece in my opinion!

Enjoy, Mr. Brown


WhiteNigro said...

Now thats a music video.

Boba Fettuccini said...

I watched the video, and you know what really caught my attention? How bad those teeth were. Look how poorly they line up when the mouth closes.

canvas art said...

What a brilliant post, love these tracks, Chilly is top!