Friday 7 January 2011

This would've been cool some days ago

Hi there,

Long time no see right, so how are the kids going? Good you say, nice to hear... Oh, you wanted to listen to some more music. Well pardon me for trying to be friendly here. Let's get right to it then.

Original artwork by Mr. Brown...

This first and probably only remix from Duck Sauce would've been cool and hip if I posted about it some days ago when it came out, too bad I'm always running late and it's probably on every single blog by now... But I can't let Ilictronix limp behind, now can I?

Not much to say about this remix, it's a nice fluent track that keeps the vibe from the original but just gives it that little extra. I don't really have much time to actually talk about the tracks as you might have noticed :D

Oh and I finally bought the Jamiroquai singles album (wanted to buy the new one, but you know them silly record stores and their stock problems). So here's one of my favourites from the album (because of Napoleon dynamite I must add). Yet even without the sweet dance routine it stays funky as hell!

Enjoy this short installment of rather nice tracks,
Mr. Brown

ps: Happy son's day, Boba's father!

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