Thursday 27 October 2011

Fall Preview

Hey there. Autumn is coming thick and fast and today, I've got some remixes I've been liking quite a lot lately.

I must admit I don't know much about Monarchy, only that when mixed with Holy Ghost! and a man named Dixon, it gives out one of the grooviest tracks I've heard in a long while. Makes me wanna pull a John Travolta on "Saturday Night Fever" all over my room.

Again, I don't know much about the artists in this next track, and whilst the intro has a fairly generic and overused sound, it morphs into a nice acoustic guitar and vocals, and it just builds up from there, making a nice club track.

Now for something slighlty older, courtesy of Goldfrapp, Metronomy and The Teenagers. It's a pretty simple track, a drum beat, a couple of synths and vocals, but it works brilliantly. By the way, anyone know what are The Teenagers up to nowadays? They seem to have vanished after their album release (much like Heads We Dance).

Going a bit darker now. Crystal Castles' most recent album was damn better than their first one, and one of the standout tracks was "Suffocation". Memory Tapes decided to go back to the mid-80's and give the track a bit of a poppy groove, but maintaining the original's dark essence.

And finally, another oldie. I honestly can't believe how I haven't posted this one yet. It's Russ Chimes at his very best. Lots of synths and lots of power on a track which has a 4-minute buildup to a brilliant synthline that doesn't let anyone down.


Tot de volgende keer,

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